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I’m an American photographer from the Chicago area who has been working as an image-maker for nearly 30 years. For 19 years I worked as a photographer and arson investigator for a fire department on the outskirts of Chicago, where I was tasked with producing forensic images for our investigations. Additionally, I lectured at the College of DuPage for 14 years on photography, teaching courses that included the use of large format cameras as well as advanced chemical and nineteenth century photographic processes. A particular interest of mine is documenting historic architecture. This interest led me to produce a project done for the city of Elgin, where I documented an entire historic district/neighbourhood of over 700 homes. More recently, I have been documenting the urban renewal in the Village neighbourhood in Belfast and the changes that are occurring there. The images produced in this area over the course of nearly two years were the basis of my Masters of Fine Arts dissertation at the University of Ulster earlier in 2012.

I am currently teaching alt. process photography at the College of DuPage and generally enjoying myself.

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